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Marvi Sirmed: The anti-Pakistan sit-in

29 September 2014

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The Nation (Pakistan), September 23, 2014

While the revolution is still brewing on Constitution Avenue in Punjab’s kettle, with a spoonful of tea-leaves from Khyber Pukhtunkhwa and the steaming hot water of 7th Avenue, there is another Pakistan awaiting our courtesy. This ‘other’ Pakistan is never going to be, Insha-Allah, the adret anyway for its obvious lack of brusqueness and sonorousness that our very own revolutionaries have. Despite more important issues of a ‘stolen mandate’ at hand, we might still give a perfunctory and gracious look of ours to their unnecessary noise.

There is a place called Sindh somewhere in the southern part of our land of the pure, which still has (despite our sincere efforts at cleansing) a negligible number of an impure species called Hindus. Those wicked and vile Hindus who have been responsible for the downfall of the Muslims’ rule in the land these creatures owned hundreds of years ago.

After the partition of British India, these people made a deliberate choice to opt for Pakistan – our land of the pure. They should now be ready to receive the comeuppance for it. These guys had the chutzpah of occupying their own land and worse, insisting to remain loyal to it even after we purified it in 1947. Still worse, they don’t even recognize our right to cleanse our country of them. Brazen!

Thanks to our magnanimity, we have time and again pronounced them ‘equal citizens’ in our Constitution as well as in our rhetoric. But they take it quite seriously despite our textbooks. In a rare show of naiveté, they had the audacity of asking for their ‘rights’ last week. What a credulous bunch of people!

Thank heavens we have a responsible media that did not take strong note of this highhandedness by these vegans, lest there would have been a storm in a teacup, which might have had our attention dragged from more important issues like off-loading some malevolent politicians from a PIA flight.
They have been holding a sit-in for many days in Karachi where they had gathered in thousands from many parts of Sindh province. Yes, there still are thousands of them in Mumlikat-e-Khudadaad Pakistan. God willing, they will soon go back to Hindu India, which is not their original land. But that’s a minor detail. The main issue is, they have been trying to disrupt the calm of our peaceful city of Karachi since days by sitting there on some facetious problems of theirs.

They claim that the rich amongst them are routinely kidnapped for ransom. Well, there is so much unemployment amongst the Muslims – the real owners of Pakistan – that one can hardly control the cash generation activities like kidnap for ransom. On top of it, who asked them to earn so much money when there is so much poverty among the real Pakistanis?
Their second allegation was that some of them are being target killed. My question is, why can’t they see so many Muslims are also killed in bomb blasts in every nook and corner of this country? We have lost almost fifty thousand people over the last decade and a half. There have been target killings of Sunni Muslims as well. Why no one speaks against them?
Another community called Shias also claim that they are being target killed. Nothing can be more vicious a lie than this. The flag bearer of peace, Maulana Ludhianvi has lost so many of his comrades from his peaceful social welfare organization Ahl-e-Sunnat Wal Jamaat (ASWJ). There is so much bloodshed and killings of these real Pakistanis but these vegans never talk about it. Nor would any liberal fascist ever condemn these innocent killings of peace-loving Deobandi Muslims. How will they speak? Their dollars would stop flowing from the West, which they get to malign Pakistan.

Another ridiculous allegation of these useless Hindus was that our pious Muslim youngsters keep bedding their daughters. Now, this can be an expression of extreme frustration amongst the unemployed youth. Why call it rape? Also, rape does not happen in the entire country, but have you ever heard a Sunni or a Deobandi Muslim woman coming out of the four walls of her house and destroying her family’s honour by openly pronouncing that she has been raped?

Probably one of the most preposterous accusations made by these Hindu protesters was their young daughters being forcibly converted to Islam. Islam is, as the entire world knows, a religion of peace and it is strictly forbidden in Islam to convert someone forcibly or under duress. How can any Muslim even think about doing it? This baseless allegation has time and again proven wrong when these allegedly ‘forcibly’ converted girls were ever interviewed by the media or summoned by the courts. Invariably, every one of these girls has always said that they were in love with the teachings of Islam and had converted of their own free will.

The case of Rinkle Kumari is in point. Although she had said under the pressure of her family in a Mirpur Mathelo Court that she wanted to go to her parents and was not converted. But may God give long life to former Chief Justice of Pakistan Chaudhry Iftikhar, who summoned Kumari in the Supreme Court and exposed this vicious anti-Muslim and anti-Pakistan propaganda that she was forcibly converted. In full view of TV cameras, she freely said she loved Islam.

The recent sit-in by these Hindus in Karachi was triggered by the killings of two Hindu brothers of Umar Kot who had been shot dead over a month ago. All killings are sad, this is our belief and we are not happy about any killings. But the point is, there are so many murders every day. These murders are not made a religious issue by anyone. The police too, has limited resources and can’t always be on its toes to resolve every single murder case. So many important murder cases are still unresolved after decades, but we never accuse Pakistan for being discriminatory against the victims’ families. Shaheed Zia ul Haq’s broad daylight murder is still an enigma. But does his family say it was a conspiracy against us Deobandis? No, because we are patriotic Pakistanis and are not agents of enemy states.

The most disappointing aspect of this whole episode was the reaction of the immoral government of Sindh. One was quite satisfied with their performance of paying no heed to these miscreants for many months especially after the killing of Umar Kot brothers. But suddenly one doesn’t know what happened and they held a high level meeting with these Hindus and agreed to all their demands. The demands included instituting an inquiry into the murders, kidnappings, forced conversions and alleged rapes of these Hindus.

One has to remind the Sindh government that our country came into being based on the Two Nations’ Theory, which clearly states that Hindus and Muslims are two separate nations and cannot live together. As protectors of our ideological boundaries, we must call upon some of our state institutions to kindly intervene and rid us of this stupid democracy.
The writer is an Islamabad based freelance columnist.

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