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India going the Pakistan way: Dangers before the Nation | Shamsul Islam

30 March 2014

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If Modi wins in the forthcoming parliamentary elections of 1914 in India it would be a tragedy for a democratic-secular constitutional set-up. The RSS whose pracharak or wholetimer is Modi has a declared agenda of replacing the Indian constitution with Manu Codes which denigrate women and Dalits. It hates National Flag; the Tricolour, federalism, democracy and justice. The article presents documents from the RSS archives to show that if Modi wins, India will be forced to begin march on a theocratic road like Pakistan after 67 years of Independence. This would be tragic as Pakistan following theocratic politics first lost eastern part and then faces grave challenge to its existence. Will we learn any lesson from the fate of our neighbour?
S. Islam

Pakistan Ka Patan bhi Hamein Nahin Sikayega ?
by Shamshul Islam
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