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Text of Pakistan Supreme Court order taking Suo Motu action regarding law and order situation in Karachi

6 October 2011

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. . .

that to come out of instant grave situation of law and order in Karachi, police force being principal law enforcing agency has to be de-politicized and strengthened so that they could, with full commitment, dedication, zeal and zest, perform its bounden duty

. . .

Further observe that to avoid political polarization and to break the cycle of ethnic strife and turf war, boundaries of administrative units like police stations, revenue estates, etc., ought to be altered so that the members of different communities may live together in peace and harmony, instead of allowing various groups to claim that particular areas belong to them and declaring certain areas as NO GO Areas under their fearful influence.

. . .

Further observe that equal chances should be provided to different communities of Karachi to participate in economic and commercial activities instead of confining the same to different political groups on the basis of parochial, racial, tribal, sectarian, partisan and provincial prejudices;


Further observe that Karachi is full of arms and ammunition of prohibited and non-prohibited bores including licensed and illicit, therefore, Karachi has to be cleansed from all kinds of weapons by adhering to the laws available on the subject, and if need be, by promulgating new legislation.

[. . .].

Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, CJ
- Anwar Zaheer Jamali, J.
- Sarmad Jalal Osmany, J.
- Amir Hani Muslim, J.
- Ghulam Rabbani, J.

Announced in open Court on 06th October, 2011

Supreme Court detailed judgment Sou Moto on Karach Crisis - Suo Motu Case No. 16 of 2011 and Constitution Petition No. 61 of 2011
6 October 2011