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Formation of Progressive Nepali Forum in the Americas

by Abi Sharma, 26 October 2008

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October 24, 2008

Press Release

Progressive members of the Nepali community in the Americas, particularly in North America, have created an organization - the Progressive Nepali Forum in the Americas (PNEFA) - with the objective of contributing to the movement for social justice in Nepal and abroad. The organization responds to the increasing Nepali diasporic population in this part of the world.

PNEFA seeks to promote sense of social responsibility among Nepali
Diaspora by providing information and analyses about discrimination and
exploitation in Nepal. Most importantly, we aim to link Nepalis living abroad with the social justice movement in Nepal. We also believe the experience and information we obtain in North America is worth
sharing with our fellow Nepali people, academics and organizations in
Nepal for the cause of progressive transformation of Nepali society. We
especially seek to support activities intended to do away with unjust social,
economic and political discriminations and exploitations upon the historically
marginalized, working-class Nepalis, who for so long have been excluded from the already limited avenues for development.

We in PNEFA make a commitment to actively promote equality of
opportunities to all in Nepal. We believe, first and foremost, in social equity. We strive to improve the futures for previously marginalized caste, ethnic, class, and religious groups in Nepal by bringing structural change through peoples’ empowerment. We are also aware of the fact that, as conscious members of Nepali diaspora, we have a special responsibility to inform people from other countries about various forms of exploitations and discriminations in Nepal, the efforts of people to free themselves from the exploitations and discriminations and to highlight the independence and territorial integrity of that pluralistic nation.

PNEFA seeks your support in our efforts to help build new Nepal.

Abi Sharma,
- President
- Vancouver, Canada
- abiksharma AT

PNEFA Officials:
- 1. Abi Sharma, BC — President
- 2. Santosh Thapalia, NY — Vice-president
- 3. Chandra D. Rai, ON — General Secretary
- 4. Bhanu Poudyal, BC — Secretary
- 5. Bijaya Adhikari, Ph.D., Ohio — Treasurer
- 6. Bikash Jaisi, WA — Member
- 7. Karsang Lama, MA — Member
- 8. Shambhu Katel, AL — Member
- 9. Subash BK, ON — Member

- 1. Chitra K. Tiwari, Ph.D., Virginia
- 2. Gopi Upreti — New Jersey
- 3. Shailesh Shrestha — New York