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India: Public Statement(s) by Sabrang Trust on Ministry of Home Affairs Cancellation of FCRA

17 June 2016

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17 June 2016

Dear All,

Yesterday, finally the MHA issued a notice cancelling the FCRA of Sabrang Trust. Sabrang Trust’s primary activities have involved working in the area of secular education, advocacy and documentation while Citizens for Justice and Peace (CJP) have been working on the issue deliverance of justice to the Survivors of Mass Crimes, especially Gujarat 2002. Both need continued and sustained citizen’s support.

The statements attached below give detailed explanations on every foul allegation made by the MHA. What is implicit is that the MHA has itself embellished its own conclusions from the time it made its first Observations (last June 2015) after inspection, the Suspension Notice (September 2015) and now in the Final Cancellation Notice.

What shows a very clear nexus is the fact that it is when the Gujarat Police —in February 2015—failed to get custody of us and the Supreme Court stayed our arrest (Feb 12, 19, 2015) that the Gujarat Police Home Department wrote specifically to the MHA alleging so called violations by Sabrang Trust. This letter of the Gujarat Police dated March 10-, 2015 is also attached here. Hence what began under Modi in Gujarat (January 2014 when the FIR was first lodged against Tanvir Jafri, Firoz Pathan, Salim Sandhi, Javed Anand and myself) has, two years later become the ground for vindictive action against us (Javed Anand, Teesta Setalvad) under the Home Ministry of the Modi Regime in Delhi. This is critical to understand.

This deliberate attempt to embellish observations between the time the MHA Team first came and the final notice is given is nothing short of a sinister villification and defamatory campaign. Please do get back to us for any further details if you need. We have consistently been extremely transparent about any queries.

Finally, both CJP and Sabrang need all the support at this stage. We appeal to one and all in this regard

Yours in Camarederie

Teesta Javed


1. March 10, 2015 Letter of Gujarat Government to MHA
2. Sabrang Trust Statement dated June 16, 2016
3. Sabrang Trust Statement dated May 10, 2016
4. Sabrang Trust Statement dated October 7, 2015
5. Sabrang Trust Response to FCRA Suspension Order DETAILED dated October 5, 2015