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India: An appraisal of 1975 Emergency - CPI documents from 1976-77

4 March 2014

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1. On the Misuse of Emergency - October 27, 1976 - Press release.

2. Joint statement of the representatives of the CPI .
All India Trade Union Congress, All India Kisan Sabha, Bhartiya Khet Mazdoor Union, All India Youth Federation and the All India Students’ Federation.

Press Release, December 6, 1976

3. Comrade C. Rajeswara Rao, General Secretary, Communist Party of India has issued the following Statement to the press today.

Press release, Dec. 16, 1976

4. The Central Executive Committee of the CPI which concluded its four-day meeting in Bangalore adopted the following resolution and released it to the press on January 16, 1977.
— For the Broadest patriotic and Democratic unity to meet the Challenge of Reaction

[These are scanned copies of original press statements (in cyclostyled form) issued by the Communist Party of India between late october 1976 and mid January 1977. They deal with the Emergency of 1975]

Four Public Statements from the Communist Party of India Dec 1976 / Jan 1977
Scanned documents from original typescripts [PDF] (digitised by