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Pakistan should stay away from intervening in Saudi Arabia’s war against Yemen: Statement by Trade Unions & Labour Support Groups in Pakistan

8 April 2015

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Saudi - Yemen war:
Statement issued to the press by representatives of trade unions and labour-support organisations at the conclusion of their meeting held at PILER Centre, Karachi on Wednesday, 8th April 2015.


We, the following representatives of Trade Unions and Labour-Support Organisations view with deep concern the disturbing ambiguity in the policy being pursued by the Government of Pakistan as regards Pakistan’s possible role in the ongoing armed intervention by Saudi Arabia in the internal conflict within Yemen.

It is our considered opinion that in the backdrop of the disastrous consequences of Pakistan’s uncalled for involvement in America’s war in Aghanistan, which we are still facing in the shape of widespread religious intolerance and terrorism across the country, and while Pakistan’s armed forces are already engaged in an all-out war to eliminate this menace, it will be the height of folly to push the country into a war being fought far away from our borders under any pretext.

Secondly, in the event of Pakistan getting embroiled in the Saudi-Yemen war or any warlike activity for that matter, it is the working class and the poor and marginalised sections of the society, besides women and children, who will be forced to bear the brunt of the economic, social and political consequences of such a war.

We, therefore, call upon the Government of Pakistan to stay away from intervening in Saudi Arabia’s war against Yemen and recall the soldiers currently stationed in that country on security duties or participating in joint military exercises. The people of Pakistan cannot afford to let their government commit this folly. We urge upon the Parliament to reject Pakistan’s involvement in any such war-like venture. The only legitimate role Pakistan may play in this situation should be to facilitate the resolution of the conflict by peaceful means.

Habib ud Junaidi: All Pakistan Trade Union
Shafiq Ghauri: Sindh Labour Federation
Jalil Shah: KPT Labour Union
Shafi Siyal: Peoples worker union, Pak
Rehana Yasmin: Hosiery Garment Union Sindh
Zafar Abbas: SESSI
Sanobar Khan: SESSI
Mehboob ur Rehman: WAPDA
Muhammad Usman: IUF
Muqadar Zaman: Railway Mazdoor union
Lateef Mughal: Peoples Labour Bureau
Abdul Lateef Nizamani: President All Pakistan WAPDA
Hydroelectric Union
Abdur Razzak: Pakistan Transport and general
workers union
Shaikh Majeed: PIA Skyways Union
Rafia Gulani: SDWO Sindh
Nawab Ali: Hosiery Garment Union Sindh
Sagheer Shah: Hosiery Garment Union Sindh
Abdul Kareem: PICT
Jan Muhammad: PICT
Muhammad Iqbal: PICT
Karamat Ali: PILER
B.M.Kutty: PILER
Sharafat Ali: PILER
Abbas Haider: PILER
Zaheer Abbas: PILER