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India Pakistan Arms Race and Militarisation Watch

[information & news (since November 1999) for peace activists on arms sales to the region ( focused on India - Pakistan but with occasional information on Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal) , defence budget figures, acquisitions & updgrades of weapons systems, development and deployment of new weapons, implications of militarisation of the state, of non-state actors and wider civil society; the developments on the Nuclearisation front and the doings of the ’intelligence’ agencies; Growing surveillance, policing and daily talk of terrorism, security and war are eroding human rights and space within civil society.
Bringing information on such issues to wide public knowledge is our goal here. No to secretive & exclusive control of this information by technocrats, planners
who plot national security hidden from public scrutiny or by self proclaimed defenders of nation space whether jihadi or hindutwawadi etc.. Please help us in the information gathering work for wide public dissemination in South Asia.
Send Information via e-mail for IPARMW series to: aiindex (AT) for inclusion in the Emailings.]