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India: Sign of the Times under Modi Led Govt

Video: Education & Teaching in an de-intellectualised and Obedient Society - interview with Apoorvanand

11 November 2014

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Since the new government has come to power, there are continuous attacks on education in order to saffronize it. The history of the national movement is being re-written to manufacture an RSS role, which did not exist in the struggles against British rule. Dinanath Batra’s books, already a part of the Gujarat curriculum, are sought now to be introduced at the national level. He is same Dinanath Batra, from whose books, Modi drew “inspiration” to prove that in Mahabharata times, India had discovered genetic engineering and plastic surgery! Subramanian Swami wants book burning, starting with books of secular historians like Romila Thapar. RSS leaders have recently met HRD Minister Smriti Irani to discuss revision of text books. Education is being used as a tool to create communal divide.
Newsclick interviews Professor Apoorvanand of Delhi University on this communal attack on Indian history and education.