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India: Lal Salam to dear comrade Mukul Sinha

12 May 2014

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Dear comrades and fellow citizens,

Comrade Mukul Sinha, a relentless revolutionary, fighter for justice, righteousness and peace is no more.

Lal Salam to dear comrade Mukul Sinha.

In the spirit he lived and fought against fascist and capitalist forces our real tribute to comrade Mukul Sinha is not in the mourning but a firm resolve to continue the struggle against fascist and capitalist forces specially in present times.

He was one of the founder members of New Socialist Movement, Jan Sangharsh Manch and Gujarat Trade Union Federation.

Through his website, this relentless fighter strived for establishing the truth of Sabarmati Train carnage and carnage 2002 in the Nanavati Commission, the other 2002 cases, fake encounter cases and the deceptive development of Gujarat across India on day to day basis.

We appeal to take today the following pledge at 7 p.m. and everyday wherever we are.

“We solemnly resolve to continue our fight for justice and truth, to uphold the values of human rights, to stand up and speak-out for the oppressed against injustice of all kinds, unafraid of all consequences.”

Rohit Prajapati Trupti Shah

Members of Radical Socialist.

Amrish Brahmbhatt

Kantibhai Mistry

Jyoti Karmachari Mandal