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India 2014 elections: Twenty Questions for Modi - Rahul - Kejriwal | Samajwadi Jan Parishad

15 April 2014

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1. Pressing Issues before the people :

All three of you are in the Prime Ministerial race. But why are you not talking about the real issues facing the people? Do you have no concern with pressing problems like poverty, unemployment, backwardness, hunger, malnutrition, exploitation of workers-farmers, poor state of education and health, atrocities on Dalits and women and communalism? Why are you avoiding these real issues and indulging in trivialities and cheap dramatics?

2. Unemployment :

There is massive unemployment in the country. Youth have to leave their home and migrate hundreds and thousands of kilometers in search of jobs. How are you going to deal with this? Lakhs of small and cottage industries have closed down in the current phase of globalisation and liberalization. Jobs have also been lost due to mechanization. Are you ready to reverse this development which destroys employment?

3. Wages :

Real wages are going down, while prices are going up. In the MNREGA, government is not prepared to give even minimum wage. Jobs are not being regularized and pension is not being provided in public as well as private sector. Why are you silent on this issue? Why did the Aam Admi Party not fulfill its promise to end contract labour system?

4. Seventh Pay Commission :

If the government does not have enough resources for welfare of people and development, why did it hugely increase salaries of officers-professors through fifth and sixth pay commission? Why has it announced again the seventh pay commission? Why are you not concerned about low income of common working masses whose hard work is actually running the country?

5. Crisis of Farming :

Farmers are the food-providers (annadata) of the nation. But they are continuously in crisis. More than three lakh farmers have committed suicide in last 19 years. Farmers’ suicides have taken place in large numbers in Gujarat also. Are you not guilty for this? How will you change this present system based on the destruction and exploitation of agriculture and farmers?

6. Same Economic Policy and Development Model :

The sham of the Gujarat development model has been exposed. But that is the model being implemented in the whole country and the present sorry state of the country is precisely result of the same. Mr. Kejriwal has not revealed what is his model and how it differs from the Modi-Manmohan model?

7. Corporate Rule :

Each and every government of the country is bending backwards to please corporates by displacing farmers and Adivasis, destroying forests, rivers and environment and creating scams and super-scams for the benefit of them. Are these corporates bigger or the people of this country above them? Mr. Kejriwal has targeted only one corporate house. Why can’t he see that all corporate houses are the same and guilty?

8. Foreign Capital :

Our elders made many sacrifices for independence, but our governments are again forfeiting it by inviting multinationals and allowing them to loot our natural resources, exploit our labour and capture our markets. Is this not a betrayal, a treason? Mr. Kejriwal, what do you have to say on it? Please clarify.

9. The Biggest Scam :

The government of India has given tax exemptions of the order of Rs. 31,88,752 crores in 4 central taxes to the companies and the rich in last eight years. Subsidies, cheap land-water-power-minerals-loans and tax exemptions by state governments are in addition to it. This is a loot of this poor country. You are either involved in this biggest scam of the nation or just silent about it. Why?

10. Environment :

You have talked about saving Ganges and other rivers. But can’t you see that the roots of their destruction lie in modern development, urbanization and modern industrialization? Why don’t you speak on them? Why is protection of forests, land, air and biodiversity not on your agenda? Why are you not ready or advocating to ban dangerous technologies like genetically modified seeds or nuclear technology?

11. Business of Education :

Today only 11 out of a hundred Indian children are able to enter colleges. Sixty two children out of a hundred drop out before their tenth standard. Various governments have run away from their constitutionally mandated responsibility and put education in the hands of private profiteers. This has ensured that only people with money would get education and that too market-oriented education. Trade of education is essentially an evil. When will the day come when each and every child of this country will get free and meaningful education without any discrimination, as envisioned in our constitution? Only a common school system based on neighborhood schools can achieve the target of the universal education. That is the experience worldwide. Do you agree with this?

12. Non-existing Health Services :

In the same manner, while deliberately ruining the public health services, private doctors, private hospitals and the pharmaceutical companies have been given full freedom to loot the people. Many people die a slow painful death, get indebted or forced to go to quakes or Tantriks and get cheated. Is this ‘Sushasan’ or ‘Swaraj’?

13. Dominance of English :

English rulers have left but their language continues to rule us. Crores of children and youth are frustrated and get inferiority complex, a handful of people at the top continue to maintain their monopoly and the whole nation remains a nation of imitators without original ideas due to this. Why have you done nothing about it? Why are you silent about it?

14. Justice for Women and Dalits :

You have done nothing and said nothing against the ‘Manuwadi’ system that has given low status to the women and Shudras. Destruction of the caste system and patriarchy does not appear to be your goal. Then are your statements about liberating women, Dalits and backward communities a hoax? Should we conclude that you do not want to change the system, you just want to change the government to gain power?

15. Alcoholism :

One major factor behind atrocities against women, crimes and ruining of families is growing addiction to alchohol, drugs etc. Then why do all governments encourage use and sale of alchohol, Gutka, Cigerates and why enough steps are not taken to free society from these evils?

16. Communalism :
What have you done to counter communalism which has led to fight among neighbours and spread the poison of hatred among the people? Modi is of cource a product of the same, but Rahul-Kejriwal are also answerable. In spite of terrible riots in Muzaffarpur in the neighbourhood immediately before the Delhi election, AAP maintainbed a silence over it in that election. Kejriwal went to Gujarat, challenged Modi, but did not comment on the communal genocide of 2002. Can opportunism and compromise of this type counter the monster of communalism and fascism?

17. Parachute Candidates :

All parties in this election have suddenly imposed from the top high profile candidates such as film stars, retired officers, company executives, cricketers, NRIs. They are suddenly dropped from the sky. Tickets have also been in plenty to those who have switched parties and who are wealthy. Do you have any principles or not? What happened to the big talk of politics from below, participatory politics, transparency, clean politics etc.?

18. Divergence between speech and action :

Sometimes you travel by Metro or local train; at other times you use a chartered plane. Have you given a thought as how much money is spent for one person to travel by a chartered plane, how much petrol is consumed and how much carbon footprint is left? You talk of the Aam Admi but organize lunches of Rs. 20,000 per head. What is this?

19. Personality Cult :

A big weakness in the Indian political system is that the leaders grow bigger than the party and the principles. The leader is presented as a miracle-maker or superman as if once he comes to power, all the problems of the country will be solved. This is exactly what happens in our society where godmen or Babas or Gurus claim to work miracles and solve all problems. Aren’t all three of you guilty of promoting this evil of superstition, miracalism, superstardom, personality worship and lack of ideology in Indian politics?

20. Lastly,

Mr. Narendra Modi,
There appears to be a combination of pro-corporate policies, communalism and dictatorial tendencies in you. This is an ideal situation for fascism. You want to make the entire country like Gujarat. Does that mean that the genocide of 2002 will be repeated throughout the country, there will be a flood of false encounters everywhere and land will be taken away from the farmers and given to companies?

Mr. Rahul Gandhi,
For the last 23 years, the anti-people policies of privatization, liberalisation and globalization have been mainly imposed and promoted by the Congress rule. Where were you when these policies brought miseries like price rise, unemployment and corruption? Shouldn’t the people of India punish the Congress for the same?

Mr. Arvind Kejriwal,
The country had great hope in you. But you did not run the government for even 50 days and fled from the battle scene. Can the country’s problems be solved just by the Lokpal bill? How are your policies different from that of the Congress and the BJP? By supporting capitalism which has continuously brought newer and newer crises all over the world and which is itself undergoing a crisis, what kind of new politics you are practicing?

If you do not answer these burning questions of the people, it will be concluded that your intentions are not honest.

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