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India: Statement from All India Secular Forum Following Arrest of Yugal Kishore Sharan Shastri

by c-info, 12 January 2014

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All India Secular Forum

The UP police arrested Yugal Kishore Sharan Shstri on 11th January. He had planned to organize a People’s Panchayat on the issue of attack on Shrine of Sheesh Paighambar, which was attacked on 20 December 13. In this attack a student Zeeshan was killed. The police arrest of Shastriji has been made on the ground that he is ‘threat to peace and order’ in the city.

We understand that the arrest is the result of his sustained campaign to expose the communal elements involved in the attack of shrine of Sheesh Paighamar and murder of Syed Zeeshan alias Danish. The communal nature of UP Government is becoming more and more obvious from quite some time. Its handling of Muzzafarnangar violence and the relief has been a painful fact, it’s a shame on our democracy, Samajvadi party claims to be secular but its actions are very opportunist and communal.

Shastriji is a resident of Hanuman Garhi, Ayodhya and has been working for communal harmony. He has been promoting communal harmony by organizing Peace Yatras and local programs. We express our full solidarity with Shastriji and condemn this action of UP Government.

L.S. Hardenia, Ram Puniyani, Irfan Engineer, Dr. Mohammad Arif
(All India Secular Forum)

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