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India: Big Time Modi - Adani Land Scam Exposed

23 November 2013

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Kachcha Chittha - Story 2


Many stories have been written about the myth of Modi’s development and perhaps parts of what we will be releasing in the next few stories, would have already appeared in various places but what has so far not come in public domain are the documents relating to blatant breach of rules and constitutional norms.

The data, documents will also make it clear where the corporate love for Modi is originating from and break the myth of good governance and transparency.

All the original documents pertaining to the data below are available in Gujarati and their English translation at the following links:

Kaccha Chitta 2 documents EnglishAutomatic word wrap

Kaccha Chitta 2 documents GujratiAutomatic word wrap

Revenue Dept Notification EnglishAutomatic word wrap

Revenue Dept Notification GujratiAutomatic word wrap

Stamp Duty Annual Statement of Rates 2006, District Kutch published by Superintendent of Stamp and Valuation Department, Govt of Gujarat: Automatic word wrap

5,46,56,819 sq mtr (5465 HECTARE) of land was sold to Adani through 30 orders from 2005 to 2007 for SEZ.

All rules were bent backwards. Twenty five applications for land were submitted on two consecutive days – 22 & 23 /12/03 and the other five on 23/12/2003, 5/10/2004, 23/06/2006, 3/07/2006 and for the last application date is not available.

23 orders for sale of land were released on a single day 15/07/2005

The price of land charged from Adani was between Rs. 2.5- Rs 25 per sq meter when the market rate was between Rs 1000 to Rs.1,500 a square metre.

The District Valuation Committee set up by the Gujarat Govt set the price very low so that land could be given at cheap rates. Even then the rates charged in most of the cases are much lower than the rates prescribed by the valuation committee.