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India: Communist Party publication on Kashmir (1950)

3 September 2013

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The below document ’Imperialist aggression in Kashmir’ first appeared in the journal ’Crossroads’ of January 6, 1950. It was then reprinted and published by Mashal Publishing House Ltd., Bombay.

The original print version is available at The PC Joshi archives, JNU, New Delhi.

(The prominent historian Dilip Simeon decided that this document be brought to wider public attention via the internet. It was obtained and scanned by Dliip Simeon and then digitally calibrated, scalled and rebuilt as a single PDF document by Harsh Kapoor - )

short excerpt from ’Imperialist aggression in Kashmir’

Origin of Kashmir Problem

SINCE August 15, 1947, Kashmir events have unfolded the aggressive designs of the Anglo-American Imperialist Bloc.
The way to implement these designs on the Indian soil was cleared by the Mountbatten Award devised by British imperialism and accepted by the Indian National Congress the All-India Muslim League.
The Mountbatten Award partitioned lndia on a religious basis into the Indian Union, and Pakistan and placed the 600 odd native feudal States into a position of independence from either of the two Dominions, In thus dismembering India, the aim of the British imperialists was to be able to play one against another and aggravate religious-cornmunal hostilities in order to maintain their domination over the whole sub-continent and kéep under their direct control areas of military-strategic importance, particularly the Northern Region of Kashmir where the borders of the Soviet Union and China meet.
The Kashmir crisis is a direct result of this plan, the essence of which is the preparation for a war against the Soviet Union whose border begins where Kashmir’s ends.
On August 12, 1947, the Prime Minister of Jammu and Kashmir, still then under the direct control of the British Viceroy, informed the Pakistan Government that “the Jammu and Kashmir Government would welcome stand-still agreements with Pakistan on all matters on which there exist agreements, at the present moment with the out-going British Indian Government.


Imperialist Aggression in Kashmir [PDF version]
(This is a reprint article which appeared in CROSSROADS of January 6, 1950)
Mashal Publishing House Ltd., Gamdevi Bombay 7.
(File Size: 3.7.mb)