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Pakistan: Press Release by Womens Action Forum on Violence in Karachi on 22 May 2012

25 May 2012

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24 May 2012


Women’s Action Forum Hyderabad, Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad are appalled that a peaceful demonstration against the division of Sindh on the 22nd of May was violently attacked resulting in the tragic death of two friends and comrades. We strongly condemn the use of force under any circumstances and particularly when it is used to subdue the democratic rights of the people to express their sentiments and political positions. WAF demands that the government take responsibility for not securing the security to those participating in the protest. While reparations cannot take away from the tragedy of losing one’s family members WAF demands that the government provide substantial financial and psychological support.

WAF offers its profound condolences to the family of Yasmeen Palijo and Sindiani Tehreek for the tragic death of Yasmeen and offers condolences to the family of Usman Baluch whose niece was also killed. We will miss both of them not only in our political struggle but for the personal strength that their activism gave to all of us.

The possibility of the ‘division’ of Sindh has been often been used with sinister intent over the last several decades to further the interests of a particular community and has often been supported by the ‘hidden’ hand of those who have frequently brought the nation on the brink of destruction. WAF stands with the people of Sindh and does not accept the division of Sindh on ethnic or administrative lines no matter what the rationale since this goes goes against very fabric and spirit of Sindh.

WAF, Lahore

WAF Press Release on 22 May violence in Karachi
24 May 2012

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