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National Consultation on Renewable and Sustainable Energy, Feb 25-26, 2012, New Delhi - Programme schedule

by, 22 February 2012

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A Sustainable Energy System for India Based on Renewable Sources

National Consultation on Renewable and Sustainable Energy, Feb 25-26, 2012

Venue: India Islamic Culture Centre, 87-88, Lodhi Estate, Lodhi Road, New Delhi- 110003

Dear Friends

For over 50 years, India has paid lip service to developing renewable energy resources with which to power our nation’s growth in a vibrant and people-friendly way. But the actual priorities of our energy programme have been very different. As a result, we have ended up investing hugely in dirty and emissions-intensive coal and expensive and dangerous nuclear technology.

There have been enough warnings about the urgency of addressing the destructive impact of climate change and global warming, and the critical need to drastically reduce our carbon dioxide emissions and dependency on unsafe nuclear technology. Our government, our scientists, our media and our industry, behave like ostriches with heads buried deep in denial. We continue to disregard these warnings at our own peril and at the cost of our people and our dwindling natural resources.

Many of us have long advocated that since India is amply blessed with renewable energy sources, these should be harnessed and utilised in a manner which will ultimately be able to provide all of India’s energy requirements. This should be done equitably and sustainably to provide modern energy services to all our people and ensure humane levels of progress and development.

We are among the growing chorus of voices globally who highlight the dangers of nuclear energy and the unacceptable adverse climate impact of fossil fuels. Our case has become compelling after Fukushima. However, there continues to be widespread scepticism about whether renewables can meet all our energy needs at a reasonable cost.

In order to address the critical question of viable, affordable, and safe solutions to India’s energy needs, we are bringing together a wide range of practitioners, activists, scientists, academics and media people in a two-day consultation. The objective is to develop an Energy Road Map for this country which will be efficient, flexible, affordable, safe, and above all, Carbon-Free and Nuclear-Free.

India can show the way to such an Energy Revolution if we have the political will to steer an independent course which will fully utilise our sources of solar, wind, small hydroelectric and other forms of renewable energy, together with a rigorous conservation and energy-saving programme.

You are cordially invited to join us on Feb 25 and 26 at the India Islamic Culture Centre on Lodhi Road to listen to experts and activists; to share your ideas and suggestions; and to exert collective pressure on our policy- makers to promote Renewable Energy aggressively and to ensure the necessary policy framework as a matter of top priority.

Please do come and bring along your friends !

Anil Chaudhary (Coalition for Nuclear Disarmament and Peace - CNDP) S P Udayakumar (National Alliance of People’s Movement- NAAM)


Day 1, Feb 25 2012

09.00-09.30 Inauguration/Registration

09.30-11.30 India’s Energy Strategy: Iniquitous and Climate-Unfriendly
- Chair: Admiral Ramdas
- Speakers: Shankar Sharma, Ashwin Gambhir, Y B Ramakrishna, Praful Bidwai

11.30-12.00 Tea Break

12.00-01.30 Nuclear Power: A Dangerous Non-Solution
- Chair: Achin Vanaik Speakers: BK Subba Rao, Neeraj Jain, Meher Engineer

01.30-02.30 Lunch Break

02.30-03.00 The Renewable Energy Revolution and the Shift in Germany
- Sven Teske, Renewable Energy Director, Greenpeace International
(through video conferencing)

03.00-03.30 A Carbon-Free and Nuclear-Free Future for India
- Arjun Makhijani, Institute for Energy and Environmental Research, Maryland, USA (through video conferencing)

03.30-04.00 Tea Break

4.00-06.00 A New Energy Vision for India
- Chair: Veena Joshi Speakers: Anil Chaudhary, Sunil, Dr. Axel Harneit-Sievers, Soumya Datta, Banwarilal Sharma

Day 2, Feb 26 2012

09.30-11.00 The Renewables Revolution: Who will Control it?
- Chair: Praful Bidwai Speakers: V Subramaniam, Avinash Krishnamurthy, Balwant Joshi, Himanshu Thakkar, Ashim Roy

11.00-11.30 Tea Break

11.30-01.00 Renewable Energy Deployment: Grassroots Experiences
- Chair: Pramod Deo Speakers: PM Bhargava, Priyadarshini Karve, Nikhil Jaisinghani, Krishnaswamy Srinivas, Siddharth Malik

01.00-01.45 Lunch Break

01.45-03.15 Supporting People-Centric Strategies for Renewable Energy
- Chair: Anil Chaudhary Speakers: Lalita Ramdas, Arvind Krishnaswamy, Rohan D’Souza

03.15 03.30 Tea Break

03.30-05.00 Struggling for a Carbon-Free and Nuclear-Free Future
- Chair: Lalita Ramdas Speakers: Vaishali Patil (Jaitapur), Yashwir Arya (Gorakhpur, Haryana), Justice BG Kolse-Patil (Maharashtra), Rajkumar Sinha (Chutka, MP), P K Sundaram (CNDP)

05.00-06.00 Discussion and Adoption of Resolution

Dedicated to the Memory of Girish Sant

- Lalita Ramdas (lramdas at
- P K Sundaram (9810556134)