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Rethink Privatization - An open letter to the president of Pakistan

by, 6 November 2008

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Dated October 6, 2008

Mr. Asif Ali Zardari
- President,
- Islamic Republic of Pakistan

Assalam - O - Alaikum,

Dear Mr. President!

Every Pakistani must be having a sense of satisfaction on assuming of power by the largest political party of Pakistan, after almost a decade of military dictatorship. Masses of Pakistan expect adoption of pro people policies in all fields by the civilian government. The process of selling of national assets, in the name of privatization, has been continuing in Pakistan since early nineties. During this process a number of industries have been sold away at a price much lower than the actual ones, as is evident from Pakistan Steel Mill case.

Many industrial units, earning huge profits, have also been sold out at throwaway prices and many such deals are under government’s active consideration. OGDCL is earning an yearly profit of 40 billion rupees. 70% production of OGDCL is based on Qadir Pur gas fields and plant. Its daily production is 550 million standard cubic feet and one thousand barrels of oil.

Privatization Commission of Pakistan intents to privatize these national. This privatization is likely to create a crisis, just like a power crisis, in near future. It will also render thousands of workers jobless. The remedy of privatization, prescribed by international monetary institutions for under pressure economies has been disproved by recent crisis of capitalist world.

The developed economies have restored to nationalization to solve the problem. Communist Party of Pakistan appeals to reconsider this decision of denationalization of these profit earning national assets. CPP also appeals to rethink the whole program of privatization in the light of prevailing international economic scenario, as in many countries the nationalization process has been reinitiated. This rethinking will be in the best interests of people of Pakistan.

Yours truly

Maula Baksh Khaskheli.
- Secretary General
- Communist Party of Pakistan
- Central Secretariat: D-168, Naseem Nagar Phase-III, Hyderabad, Sindh.
- Phone: +92-22-2654531, Fax: +92-22-2654531, Mob: 0333-2714014, -0300-3065723,
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