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Call for Submissions, Issue 2, Chay Magazine

The Politics of Sex

by, 4 November 2008

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Chay Magazine

This issue will address themes of sex and sexuality as they interact with the daily politics of human life. We are looking for feature articles and non-fiction that deal with

1. Gender Roles

- gender roles and gender expectations in the family and society in general

- socialization at home and at school

- gender role education in single gender schools and co-educational schools

- gender role education in private schools and government schools

- gender roles in the curriculum

- the teaching of marriage as the final or one of the final destinations
of a person, particularly a woman

- gender roles and class variations

- female and male autonomy from familial and other social institutions
in different class strata

2. Sex/Sexuality, Feminism and Activism in Pakistan & Abroad

- the feminist movement in Pakistan – its history and its attention to sex and sexuality

- what feminism means in the Pakistani context

- women’s groups in Pakistan, their missions, agendas, histories

- Pakistani feminism in comparison to other regional or international

- sexual violence and the feminist movement in Pakistan

- sexual rights movement in Pakistan, South Asia and globally

- gender diversity activism in Pakistan, South Asia and globally

- sexual orientation and queer activism in Pakistan

- non "feminist" activism on issues of sex and sexuality in Pakistan, South Asia and abroad

- transnational feminism and sex and sexuality activism

Please submit features, non—fiction and fictionof between 500-1200 words; no more than 3 poems; no more than 3 pieces of visual art (min. resolution 300dpi) to CHAYMAGAZINE AT GMAIL DOT COM.

DEADLINE: December 15, 2008