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Fear for Safety of Human Rights Activist in Uttar Pradesh

by Subhash Gatade, 26 October 2008

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Herewith I am forwarding an appeal by PUHR fo your kind consideration. It would help if you could join the campaign to find out Mr Vinod Yadav at your own level. I had the opportunity of being with Mr Vinod and his other comrades recently when they had organised a public meeting in Azamgarh to oppose the ’stigmatisation’ and ’criminalistation’ of the minority community . The police disrupted the meeting on some flimsy pretext.

It need be noted that Mr Vinod is elder brother of Mr Rajeev Yadav, who is very vocal on STF and ATS’s attrocities on the name of fighting terrorism. Many of his fact finding reports investigating their role have received wide publicity.

You can email media.rajeev AT to get updates on the case.

Subhash Gatade

A Peoples Union For Human Rights (PUHR) release : Dated 26th October 2008

Activist Vinod Yadav Alledgedly Kidnapped by ATS or STF

Name: Vinod Kumar Yadav S\O- Shri Indradeo Yadav
- AGE: 28 Yrs / Height: 5.6 inches / Complexion: Clear / Qualification: BA, LLB
- Mob: 09452411060
- Permanent Address: Village Ghinahapur PO: Gopalpur Thana, Mehnagar
- Temporary Address: Komal Colony PO-Palhani, Near Railway Station Azamgarh

Social Activities: President of a NGO named Kaarwan and an active member of renowned Human Rights organisation A Peoples Union For Human Rights (PUHR) whose President is renowed human right activist and Magsaysay awardee Sandip Pandey.

Subject- His whereabouts are not known since 24 Oct 08 when he went to Lucnow from Azamgarh. His wife Sarita Yadav,who is in Haryana nowadays in her father’s house received Vinod’s call at 10.22 to 10.27 am on 24th oct 08 in which he told her that he will return back in the evening. That was the last contact with him.After which none of the calls made by his wife or family members were received. His mobile continously is either switched off or opens for a shortwhile that is again switched off after receiving his family members rings.

Appeal: The organisation has apprehensions that ATS or STF meight be behind it, since he was very active and instrumental in all the HUMAN RIGHTS MOVEMENTS that took place in Azamgarh recently. He was also targeted by the local police on 6 oct 08 when the police attacked a peacefull protest of human right activists.(see JANSATTA 07 oct 08).This apprehension is also endorsed by the fact that he is elder brother of PUHR leader Rajeev Yadav who is very vocal on STF and ATS’s attrocities on the name of fighting terrorism.So, we appeal all democratic and peace loving sections to be behind us.

- Shahnawaz ALAM 09415254919, Rajeev Yadav 09452800752, Lakshman prashad 09889696888