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A Karnataka High Court Ruling Against Obscurantism and Blind Faith

22 October 2010

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[Posted below is a Karnataka High Court Judgement in relation to ’Offending Sentiments and Sensibilities’.

A case was filed by a Bajrangdal Activist against Mr. Nataraju, an anti-superstition activist. The Bajrangdal activist said that he saw Mr. Nagaraju on TV when he was denying miracles like Ayyappa Makara Jyothy etc. and therefore his religious sentiments were hurt/affected.

The High Court made the Home Secretary to appear in court, got his apology and explanation that investigation was improperly conducted etc.

The Judgement reads like a rationalist tract in support of freedom.]

Full Text of Karnataka High Court Judgement on Offence to Religious Sentiments
13 September 2010