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Turkey’s withdrawal from the Istanbul Convention: Womens’ Action Forum the Feminist Platform from Pakistan Release Statement in Support of Women in Turkey

31 March

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24 March 2021

WAF Press release/statement in Support of Women in Turkey

Women’s Action Forum is appalled that Turkey’s government has announced its withdrawal from the international Istanbul Convention, an accord designed to prevent, prosecute and eliminate all forms of domestic violence that ironically enough is named after the city in which it was launched 10 years ago: Istanbul, Turkey’s famous city.

The Istanbul Convention is the world’s first binding treaty intended to specifically prevent and prosecute all forms of domestic violence as well as sexual harassment, sexual violence, forced marriages, forced abortions and sterilisations amongst other things. WAF is deeply concerned that the withdrawal is tantamount to the Government condoning domestic violence and sending a signal that it is okay to beat, maltreat and even kill women at home. We also fear this may encourage other states to backtrack on commitments made or stall measures to protect respect and promote women’s human rights in the domestic and public spheres.

We therefore urge the government of Turkey to withdraw the decision and fully implement the convention. Women’s Action Forum stands in solidarity with all our Turkish sisters who are strongly protesting this decision.


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Hashtags from Turkish women
# IstanbulSozlesmesiYasatir
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There is also statement e.g.
Turkey must rejoin the Istanbul Convention to end domestic violence & implement the convention #EndVAWG

One tweet from Major Women’s Group
Strong violation of women’s human rights happened today in Turkey-withdrawing Istanbul Convention. International community must take an action to remind that.

Actual sites not opening any more #EndVAWG
Site not opening #EndVAWG