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India: Doctors take serious note of attack on medical teams by the police at Singhu and Tikri borders on 26th January | IDPD Press Release - Jan 29, 2021

29 January

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Indian Doctors for Peace and Development (IDPD)

Date: 29.01.2021

Press Note

Doctors take serious note of attack on medical teams by the police at Singhu and Tikri borders on 26th January

We the doctors and paramedical staff Have been organising medical Camps at Tikri and Singhu borders on behalf of Indian Doctors for Peace and Development (IDPD). Our medical teams marched along with the tractors. We are pained at the events that occurred on 26th January when a few unscrupulous elements hoisted the flag at Red Fort. This situation arose when police created hurdles on the agreed route & looked the other way around to facilitate prohibited route. since we were present there throughout we are eye witness to affirm that such hooliganism was done by a minuscule number of people and it could have been very well prevented if the police had been little cautious.
Moreover being Republic day police outnumbered hooligans. It is anybody’s guess why police turned a blind eye to mischief-makers. Thousands of tractors took out the march peacefully at the stipulated route. The march was so peaceful that not a single glass pane was broken, not a car was overturned, nor any bus burnt, nor any damage to any public property was caused by the people who marched on the tractors. Locals showered flower petals & served langar on the way. It is difficult to comprehend how these unscrupulous elements could reach Red Forte which is nearly 20 Kilometres away from the Singhu border. This smacks of some deep-rooted conspiracy behind it. However, during the tractor march, we treated several farmers who were injured seriously by the Lathi charge or tear gas shells by the police. Hands of two people were badly damaged which they may never get back to a completely normal state. One patients was overrun by the vehicle. Three patients sustained fractures. There were many minor injuries. It is sad to know that a medical team led by Dr Swaiman was attacked by the police at a time when they were giving medical aid to the injured including the policemen. Similarly at Singhu Ambulance was smashed & Dr Balbir Singh pushed aside when he was attending an injured farmer. As medical personnel, we feel that people are already sitting there for over two months now and have developed several medical problems which are likely to get aggravated in the coming time. Therefore whereas we appeal to the protesters to be calm and cautious we appeal to the government to repeal these laws in the ongoing budget session, restore peace & tranquillity to create a congenial atmosphere for dialogue & discussion. Democratic Govt is duty-bound to consult farmers, State Govts & consumers before framing laws. We hope & pray better sense will prevail.

Our team members included Dr Arun Mitra, Dr Gagandeep Singh, Dr Balbir Singh, Dr Monika Dhawan, Dr Param Saini, Dr S S Sidhu, Dr Suraj Dhillon, Dr Gurvir Singh, Dr Rajan SIdhu, Kuldip Singh, Anod Kumar, Swaroop Singh, Amninder Singh, staff of the Shaheed Kartar Singh Sarbha Dental Collage and Hospital worked hard during the tractor march to serve the injured.

Dr Arun Mitra
M: 9417000360

Dr Gagandeep Singh
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Dr Balbir Singh
M: 9779533515