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India: BJP Government & Corporate Media Stop Conspiracy to Discredit Farmers’ Movement - Press Release by All India Kisan Sabha (Jan 27, 2021)

27 January

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All India Kisan Sabha

New Delhi-1, kisansabha[at]

27th January, 2021

AIKS Congratulates the Millions Who Took Part in the Historic Kisan Parade
BJP Government & Corporate Media Stop Conspiracy to Discredit Farmers’ Movement
Repeal the Anti-Farmer, Anti-Worker Acts Immediately

All India Kisan Sabha congratulates the millions of people who participated in the historic Kisan Mazdoor Parade across the country. Around the National Capital Region lakhs of tractors and other vehicles participated in the parade after hoisting the national flag, singing the national anthem and paying homage to the martyrs. It is for the first time since 15th August 1947 that such large number of Indian citizens led by the peasantry celebrated Republic Day. The parade was held in all States from Kashmir in the North to Kanyakumari in the South and from Gujarat in the West to Tripura in the East. It has reaffirmed the resolve of the people to defeat the anti-farmer, anti-worker Acts brought by the BJP Government to facilitate corporate loot and sent a clear message to the Government. What started as a farmers’ movement has become a people’s movement with the working class, women, students, youth and oppressed sections taking active part. We thank all those who participated in the parade to make it a great success.

The overwhelmingly peaceful protest has rattled the BJP Government and ruling classes. Over the last two months the ruling dispensation and the corporate media has resorted to continuous provocation and spreading of lies. Corporate media and the Sangh Parivar which went all out to malign the peaceful united movement that has been going on for two months are now resorting to a conspiracy to discredit the farmers’ movement. Corporate media were silent about the martyrdom of over 150 farmers in the last two months of struggle and only carried out a malicious campaign at the behest of the BJP. There have also been many instances of farmers handing over agent provocateurs to the police including yesterday; notably many claimed to have been sent by the police themselves. After yesterday’s isolated incidents in the Capital condemned by the Samyukta Kisan Morcha (SKM) and AIKS, the BJP Government and corporate media is seeking to paint the farmers’ movement as an unruly, violent movement. Rather the SKM leadership intervened effectively in a timely manner to resist a small section which was trying to force tractors to deviate from the designated route towards the Red Fort. It stopped movement of tractors from Singhu Border at 2 PM itself and also called off the Parade at 6 PM. This effectively isolated the group that played into the hands of the Government and their game-plan. The events point clearly to the complicity of the BJP Government with the disruptive elements. AIKS is confident that the people of our country will reject this conspiracy with the contempt it deserves.

The BJP Government and the police have certain uncomfortable questions to answer.

Why did police go against the route plan agreed with the SKM leadership and allow an alternative route to a small section which was allowed to reach up to the Red Fort?
What is the connection of Prime Minister Modi and the BJP with Deep Sidhu and others who led the team to hoist the flag at Red Fort? Why have they not been arrested yet?
Why did the police resort to brutal lathi-charge on the Parade from Palwal after it peacefully crossed 15 Km and the mutually agreed route was to cover 45 Km.

AIKS warns the BJP Government and the Prime Minister that the sinister conspiracy against the united farmers’ movement will be defeated by the people of our country. We will reach out to all corners of India and to every citizen to expose this conspiracy. The BJP Government should stop resorting to lies and malicious propaganda, repeal the Anti-Farmer, Anti-Worker Acts and hold discussions to resolve the other issues raised by the farmers and workers. AIKS appeals to the people of our country to expose the conspiracy unleashed by the ruling classes using the corporate media. AIKS calls upon the Government to desist from resorting to threats and arrests of farmers’ leaders. AIKS would like to make it clear that the struggle has only been gaining in strength and will continue till the demands are met.

Ashok Dhawale, President

Hannan Mollah, General Secretary