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India: Killing of Migrant Workers and Others by Militants in the Kashmir Valley Condemned - CFD Press Release 30 October 2019

30 October 2019

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Date:3[0] October, 2019

Citizens For Democracy is shocked to learn about the inhuman killings of five migrant laborers by militants on 29th October, 2019 in Kulgam in the South Kashmir. Another one is injured. The victims were poor, belonged to Murshidabad in West Bengal and had come to the valley to earn their livelihood. It is shocking that besides the said migrant laborers, the militants had killed four truck drivers, a trader from Punjab, and a migrant laborer from Rajasthan in the past two weeks. The total number of victims thus in this period is 12. This senseless cruelty and violence on the part of the militants must be condemned by one and all. The militants by their violent activities are not only depriving the innocent persons of their civil liberties but also harming the cause of freedom and democracy in the valley. By such violent activities the militants are strengthening the repressive machinery of the state and providing a semblance of justification to the government to assume more and more arbitrary powers. Ultimately peaceful democratic people’s movement alone can emerge victorious. Even if the government does not allow peaceful processions and demonstrations there are ample ways to register people’s protests in peaceful ways. The militants have no justification to take the law in their hands which tantamount to bring more miseries and death to the innocent people and is proving to be counter-productive to the people’s movement.

We therefore urge upon all concerned to condemn such violence on the part of the militants and ensure that movement of the people for their rights remain entirely peaceful and non-violent. We also appeal to the state machinery to restore civil liberties and democratic rights of the people of Jammu, Kashmir and Laddakh to the same stage as they were before abrogation of article 370 which, in any case, require to be reinstated and respected.

S.R Hiremath (Chair Person), N.D.Pancholi (General Secretary), Anil Sinha (Secretary)

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