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A Journey Across India In Support of the Women’s Reservation Bill

by Anhad, 25 April 2010

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Journey Across India To Demand 33% Women’s Reservation

After 14 years of struggle the Rajya Sabha finally passed the Women’s Reservation Bill on March 9, 2010.

Before even the WRB could be placed in Lok Sabha a strong opposition started against the bill. The patriarchal mindset which is opposed to women’s participation in public life has very cleverly camouflaged its real agenda in arguments which on the face of it look to be in favour of the Muslim, OBC and Dalit women. This sudden love for the Muslim woman is emanating from the fear of loosing their constituencies. On one hand there are those who have become the well wishers of the downtrodden marginalised woman on the other hand there are those who are banishing the Muslim woman from public life by invoking religion.

While, the gross under-representation of Muslims in legislatures as well as jobs, of both men and women, needs to be redressed, this can not be resolved or settled within the ambit of the women’s reservation bill.

The message is very clear. They want to block the Women’s Reservation Bill.

There is a need to mobilize support and raise the demand for the 33% Women’s Reservations from all corners of the country.

We are proposing a Journey across the Nation in support of the Women’s Reservation Bill.

Anhad has only taken the initiative of proposing the tentative plan. We request all democratic, secular, groups, movements, women’s groups, political formations, parties to join this effort.

A planning meeting is proposed to be held in Delhi on May 2, 2010 from 11 am to 5pm and three karwan’s on different routes to start on May 20th. (Please see attached map and route). We invite all concerned groups to send representatives for the meeting. Anhad cannot arrange for travel or stay. Those who cannot come please send your suggestions.

These are tentative routes and are open to change.

We are inviting groups to endorse/ support / co-organise this Journey

To host the karwans in your cities

To organize one public meeting, one press conference and host the karwan members for one night— food and stay.

To send members of your group to be part of the karwan who are good speakers/ organizers and can rough it out— not more than 20 women per karwan. If we can get 5 to 8 experienced women activists in each karwan the others can be young people —the future activists

To plan especially designed exhibitions, posters, banners, songs etc
Anhad is trying to mobilize resources for travel of all the three karwans from different organizations. We will need a lot more financial support to be mobilized/ contributed.


- Shabnam Hashmi
- Mansi Sharma
- Seema Duhan
- Manisha Trivedi
- journeyacrossindia[at] (to send email replace [at] with @]
- Tel: (011)23070740

ANHAD is a secular, anti communal . It was formed in response to 2002 carnage to counter the ideology of hatred and work for safeguarding democracy.

journey map created by astha ranjan