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India: National Fishworkers Forum Rejects Cabinet Approval for Coastal Regulation Zone [CRZ] Notification 2018 - Press Release (29 Dec 2018)

29 December 2018

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Press Release

29th December 2018

National Fishworkers Forum Rejects

Cabinet Approval for Coastal Regulation Zone [CRZ] Notification 2018

The Government is Bent on Selling Off the coast to Corporate and Business Houses

And Eliminate Small Scale Fishing Communities from the Coast

The Government of India, by giving the cabinet approval to the Coastal Regulation Zone [CRZ] Notification 2018, has turned a deaf ear to the protests and objections raised by the thousands of fishing communities, concerned organisations and individuals from all around the coast and the country. The sole purpose of the Government of India in drafting and approving the CRZ 2018 Notification has been to pave the way to further sell off our coastal land and water to corporate and business houses by removing restrictions on constructions and activities detrimental to coastal natural resources.

The objections submitted by the NFF and fishing communities indicated what the country stands to lose should the CRZ 2011 notification be superseded by the draft CRZ 2018 notification. It was clearly stated that the CRZ 2011 notification continue to be diluted. The CRZ 2011 process guaranteed not only environmental protection and livelihood security but also was a reminder of the robust democratic processes and engagements it followed in its implementation. As such it provides a comparison to the shoddy, non-consultative, anti-fishworker process of the draft CRZ 2018. The implementation of the CRZ 2011 remains far from satisfactory. While the failure to implement the CRZ 2011 rests squarely with the MoEFCC and the State Governments, the relevance of CRZ-2011 is still high. While this being the reality, the Cabinet turned a blind eye to this, went ahead and approved the Coastal Regulation Zone Notification 2018.

The intentions of this government is very clear through the salient features indicated in the CRZ Notification 2018 which looks at handing over the coasts to the corporates and the tourism lobby. National Fishworkers Forum calls for nation-wide protests for total withdrawal of CRZ Notification 2018.

Narendra R Patil (Chairperson) T Peter (General Secretary)

Affiliates of the National Fishworkers Forum:

Machimar Adhikar Sangharsh Sangathan (MASS - Gujarat) - Usmangani Sherasiya - 094274-43976
Maharashtra Machhimar Kruti Samiti (MMKS) (Maharashtra) - Kiran Koli- 09702-265813
Shramik Macchimar Kriti Samiti (Maharashtra) - Ravikiran Toraskar - 092259-00303
Goenchea Ramponkarancho Ekvott (GRE- Goa) - Olencio Simoes - 091588-75851
Coastal Karnataka Fishermen Action Committee (Karnataka) - Vasudev Boloor- 09449207805
Kerala Swathanthra Malsyathozhilali Federation (KSMTF - Kerala) - Jackson Pollayil- 093494-47166
Ramnadu District Fishworkers Union (Tamil Nadu) - Paul Samy - 094423-22393
Vangakadal Meen Thozhilalar Sangam Tamilnadu (Tamil Nadu) - Dr.Kumaravelu - 094428-67035
Democratic Traditional Fisher’s and Fish workers Forum (Andhra Pradesh)- Debasis Paul - 085558-09779
Orissa Traditional Fish Workers Union (Odisha)- K. Allaya - 09437-069286
Dakshinbanga Matsyajibi Forum (DMF – West Bengal)- Millan Das - 078724-07611