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Oppose the Law in Punjab Providing Life imprisonment for Sacrilege of Holy Books - Press Release from All India Secular Forum

28 August 2018

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The All India Secular Forum

Press Release

BHOPAL: August 27, 2018: The All India Secular Forum has expressed serious concern over the Punjab Government’s decision to enact a law providing life imprisonment to anyone who causes injury, damage or sacrilege to the Guru Granth Saheb, The Bhagwat Geeta, The Quaran and The Bible.

In a joint statement L S Herdenia and Prof. Dr. Ram Puniyani have urged Congress President Rahul Gandhi to restrain Punjab Chief Minister Dr. Amrinder Singh from enacting such a law which may be misused to prosecute and harass rivals both political and personal.

Such a law exists in Pakistan and there dozens of incidents have happened in which innocent persons have been sent to jail and who are in prisons for years together.

It is shocking that such a law is proposed to be enacted by a Congress leader. The Congress is committed to uphold the Constitution which gives freedom to even non-believers. Such a law is against the letter and spirit of the Constitution.

We are confident that Congress will prevent Punjab Chief Minister from indulging in such a totally unconstitutional act.