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India: Homage from Citizens for Democracy to Shri Kuldip Nayar, a noble journalist

24 August 2018

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Citizens For Democracy (CFD) is deeply grieved over the sad demise of Shri Kuldip Nayar who died at the age of 95 at New Delhi. Shri Nayar was member of the national Council of CFD for several years during the decade of 1980s and then its President for a couple of years since 1990. He initiated various campaigns on behalf of CFD for protection of human rights and promotion of communal harmony. Under the auspices of CFD, he started the candle light vigil at Wagha Border in 1994 for the promotion of Indo-Pak friendship which has become a regular annual feature attracting thousands of peace loving Indians every year. He again became the President of CFD in 2012 and vigorously promoted its aims and objectives. He was a Titan among journalists and a Great Humanist. He represented a strong stance against authoritarianism, casteism, communalism and was a pillar of strength to all those who cherished human and democratic values. His demise is a loss to all that is decent and moral in our society. CFD pays its Homage to his illustrious memory and conveys its deep condolences to the bereaved family.

N.D.Pancholi, Anil Sinha,

Secretaries, Citizens For Democracy