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India: Letter to Prime Minister and Press Release by family members of Assassinated Rationalists Pansare, Kalburgi and Dhabolkar under aegis of Maharashtra Anti Superstition Committee (MANS)

13 February 2016

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On the 12 Feb 2016 the Maharashtra Adhashtradha Nirmulan Samitee [Maharashtra Anti Superstition Committee] (MANS) held a sit-in at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi they released later at a press conference a letter to India’s Prime minister and a note explaining the urgent need to coordinate and expedite the police investigations underway into the assassinations of Govind Pansare, Prof MM Kalburgi and Narendra Dhabolkar. - 12 February 2016

Photo of sit-in of 12 February 2016 in New delhi organised by Maharashtra Andhshradha Nirmulan Samitee (MANS)


Honorable Mr. Narendraji Modi Prime Minister of India, New Delhi-110001

Subject: Request for Appointment regarding the extreme delay in finding the culprits and mastermind behind the brutal murder of Shahid Dr Narendra Dabholkar, Com Govind Pansare, Prof Kalburgi

Respected sir,

You must be aware that renowned rationalist and founder president of
Maharashtra Adhashtradha Nirmulan Samitee (MANS) Dr Narendra Dabholkar was brutally murdered in Pune on 20th August 2013. Dr Dabholkar dedicated whole of his life for inculcating scientific temperament in the society and stood for the values described in the Indian constitution. He was also founder member of Sadhana weekly for 12 years which is a renowned magazine dedicated for social reforms in Maharashtra established by Sane Guruji.

Though twenty nine months have been passed there is no progress in the investigation. We strongly feel that the murders of rationalist Comrade Pansare in Kolhapur eleven months back and Professor Kalburgi in Dharwad four months back could have been prevented if the murderer of Dr Dabholkar were nabbed in time.

We want to bring to your notice the neglect of Dr Narendra Dabholkar murder case by CBI. If we compare just the manpower allotted to Dr Dabholkar case vis a vis cases like Sheena Bora and Vyapam the neglect is evident. In Sheena Bora case there are four CBI teams investigating the matter and in Vypam case there are forty. In sharp contrast to these cases, Dr Dabholkar murder case there are only four officers of CBI in the investigating the team despite of the repeated requests by the family for increase the manpower.

Hence we sincerely urge you to appoint a dedicated special investigation team of CBI to investigate Dr Narendra Dabholkar murder case which should be supervised by the joint director level officer posted in Mumbai or Pune.

We also want to bring it to your notice the delay that has happened in appointing a full time IPS level officer for investigation in Dr Dabholkar murder case. The CBI Superintendent of police post at the Bellapur, Maharashtra office which is in charge of the investigation of this case is vacant for more than a year now. The person holding the charge of Superintendent of police at present has additional charge so we request you to give directions to CBI director for appointment of full time IPS level Superintendent of police at Bellapur office.

All of this clearly indicates the extreme negligence on the part of the central and state government in the investigation

We also want to bring it to your notice the support the organizations suspected by the state in Dr Dabholkar, Com Pansare and Prof Kalburgi murder case are getting support by certain members of ruling party in Maharashtra. All these things are highly detrimental to the free democratic discourse in the country and we reqest you as prime minster of India you look into this matter

We sincerely urge you to give us an appointment at the earliest preferably between 11 to 13 February 2016 so we can bring our grievances to your notice.

Yours sincerely

Mr Avinash Patil Dr Hamid Dabholkar Megha Pansare Shrivijay Kalburgi


Press Release by Maharashtra Adhashtradha Nirmulan Samitee (Maharashtra anti Superstition Committe) 12 Feb 2016
Urgent need for the coordinated efforts between teams investigating Dabholkar, Pansare and Kalburgi Cases

Photos from 12 Feb 2016 sit-in in New Delhi to demand speedy trials of the murderers of Dr. Dabholkar, Prof. Kalburgi and Comrade Pansare