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Bangladesh: Despite Rana Plaza Disaster Promises of Safe Working Conditions in Garment Factories Remain Unfulfilled - Selected resources

27 January 2016

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Some reports on Bangladesh Garment Factories in the aftermath of the Rana Plaza Disaster

Beyond the Tip of the Iceberg: Bangladesh’s Forgotten Apparel Workers
by SARAH LABOWITZ AND DOROTHÉE BAUMANN-PAULY (NYU Stern Center for Business and Human Rights | December 2015)
Safety and labour conditions: the accord and the national tripartite plan of action for the garment industry of Bangladesh
Mohd Raisul Islam Khan and Christa Wichterich
ILO Working Papers from International Labour Organization (Sept 2015)

Workers’ Lives, Walmart’s Pocket: Garments’ Global Chain, from Savar to New York by Anu Muhammad (EPW, 20 June 2015)

Workers’ conditions in the textile and clothing sector: just an Asian affair? Issues at stake after the Rana Plaza tragedy
European Parliament Briefing - August 2014
Letter from Advisory Committee on Labor Standards and Human Rights regarding Michigan university’s approach to setting expectations regarding building and fire safety issues, especially of licensees who produce in Bangladesh
March 2014