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The Auction - a film by Zakir Hossain

10 January 2008

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The film is in 9 parts and the total running time is approx an 1 hour and 20 minutes.

The Auction : Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9

Brief synopsis:

The Auction

Runa, a British Bangladeshi girl, is excited to take her holiday with her father to Bangladesh - the country of origin of her father; she is floating in a sweet dream of a great adventurous holiday - different part of the world, different culture, ocean wide tea garden, the hugest tiger, mountains, fountains etc. Her sweet dream turns into a blood-chilling nightmare when, in a dramatic auction, her father sells her to her animal-like uncle and her uncle forces her into marriage to his son who is several years younger than Runa.

Runa’s life turns into great suffering in that backward society where women have virtually no rights and absolutely no control over their lives. Despite this, she never stops thinking of being free knowing that it is almost impossible to escape from the village which is absolutely under her uncle’s control. But one day, the impossible becomes possible, with a tremendous effort of the Forced Marriage Unit of British Home Office Runa escapes. Runa is flown back to the UK, to her boyfriend, who unbelievably denies her as his mother doesn’t want to take a runaway girl as her daughter-in-law. Runa then walks away alone...all alone.

Format: DV
- Year of production: 2007
- Running time: 86 mins
- Director: Zakir Hossain
- Producer: Ashuk Ahmed
- Editor: H. H. M. Munzir
- Screenwriter: Zakir Hossain
- Directors of Photography: Monirul Islam Masum, H. H. M. Munzir
- Production Designer: Zakir Hossain
- Sound: Md Alal Uddin
- Music: Noor Hossain
- Principal Cast: Runa Begum, Mostofa Kamal, Sharoswati Dey

Production Company:
- Sky Visual
- Office 1-3
- Lockn’Store Buuilding
- 27 Brunswick Street
- Luton LU2 OHG
- T +44 (0)7836 702 863
skyvisual at