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India: PUCL statement on the fight between State and Maoists in Chhattisgarh

by Peoples Union for Civil Liberties, 6 October 2009

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People’s Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL) watches with pain the fight between security forces and Maoists in some parts of Chattissgarh. While it is a clear case of war against one’s own people by the state, Maoists too with adoption of violent means of struggle has undermined the liberal and democratic spirit of the Indian Constitution. While innocent civilian are losing lives, the ongoing mindless fight between the two parties is a clear case of impasse in which there is and will be no winner.

PUCL believes that the Indian state must address the root causes of the social and economic conditions that breed insurgency like situation where in a group of people is compelled to take arms against the state. Clearly this kind of insurgency breeds because of violation of basic human rights of the people. The mindless vested class centric development and consequent displacement and impoverishment of tribals must stop. The tribals must get adequate opportunities for means livelihood, education and health. On the other hand the Maoist must desist from using violent means of struggle that causes severe misery and deaths of the tribals on whose name they unleash the violence in turn harming the hapless innocent people. One must bear in mind that in a democratic country the ends achieved through the violence means are neither desirable nor lasting. The only way for a harmonious solution of the present deadlock is negotiations between the two parties. The Indian government must reverse its stand of crushing Maoist through military means and must engage them in a dialogue.

Now that Indian state has captured one of the senior ideologue of the insurgent groups, PUCL appeals to the government of India that channels of negations between the two parties must be explored and an honourable solution to the ongoing violent struggle be sought to the mutual satisfaction of the both parties. Maoist must also come forward and negotiate with the government for legitimate rights of the downtrodden people for whom they supposedly are fighting.

Pushkar Raj (General Secretary, PUCL)